‘Prayers from the Bible’. Anneke has previously

conceived works on the theme of ‘prayer’, for example

‘Prayer’ in the series In a Word, or her portrait of

Hannah in the series ‘Women of the Bible.’

‘Prayer’ is the breath of a believer.

For Anneke Kaai it is essential to do that breathing in the creation of this series of paintings on “Prayers”. The moods of the various ‘prayers’ vary and though some are subdued, they all express intense emotion. The strong colours have symbolic significance. Prayer is an important facet of the artist’s own life too, which fired her enthusiasm for this series.

The majority of the paintings in this series can be described as abstract-expressionistic.

The paintings are all on plexiglas, in acrylic or mixed media. The painting of  Jesus’ high-priestly prayer differs technically from the other works in this series.
It is illuminated from behind.

These paintings all have a format of 60 – 130 cm.


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