Women of the Bible

In these works the artist attempts to capture the character and emotions of the women of the Bible. The series departs from the abstract and symbolic style for which Anneke has become known as she uses various different painterly forms, exploring techniques that range from classical portraiture to abstract formation, in her search for a contemporary language with which to convey the deep and often complex emotions of her subjects.

The faces are painted in a realistic manner, but using visual idioms of today. The series as a whole shows a great variety of painterly approaches and techniques. Some women are depicted as shaped by one controlling emotion – of love, hatred, joy, fear, anger,hope. Other portaits are ‘cut in two’, seamlessly combining oppositie, competing two emotions into one likeness. (Eva, Ruth, Delilah, Esther,  Mary Magdalene II)

These portraits are painted with acrylics, sometimes in combination with mixed media, on Plexiglas, in a format of 60 x 80 cm.


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