The Biblewords contains wellknown words from the Bible that evoke associations, memories and sometimes strong emotions, words like ‘Love’, ‘Grace’ and eternety. These words have long fascinated and inspired me, and it hes been an adventure to immerse myself in them over the last three-and-a-half years, the time it has taken to complete this series. I delved into the core meaning of each word and then interacted with it in a direct way in orther to give it a contemporary ‘body’- I have particularly tried to express the range of emotions evoked by these words, from the dynamic rush of ‘resurrection’ to the tranquillity found in ‘Peace.’

The style of these works is symbolic-abstract, for the linear, the plastic, and the painterly aspects have symbolic value. I have purposely chosen for centered, restful compositions. The cross is a recurring symbolic form, because biblical

imagery is so irrevocably tied to Christ’s death.

The thick application of sharp, primary colors in this paintings has been significant: layer upon layer was added, sometimes only tob e removed again, whereby the works gained in ‘durability.’

The paintings are all in the format of 80- 110, in acrylic on plexiglas.

The publication of this series ‘In a Word’ is in association with the text by Eugene H Petersen. (He has written a special tekst for me by this series of the Biblewords)
He was Emeritus Professor of Thelogie, at Regent College, Vancouver, B.C. He is the wellknown author and much loved for the Message, his contemporary rendition of the whole Bible basad on the original languages.



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